Quality and partnership

Basic requirements for modern production - quality, repeatability and timeliness of the issuance of the final product.

In our company quality assurance is implemented in the following ways:
  • The use of high-speed and precise metal-working equipment. Standard precision machining, according to the Unified system of tolerances and landings - grade 6 inclusive, surface roughness - Ra 0,4;
  • Using the latest development tools and devices such world famous manufacturers as SUMITOMO, D'ANDREA, SGS, HAIMER, ISCAR, SANDVIK, TaeguTec;
  • Drawing up a centralized control programs and documentation of manufacturing technology components;
  • Continuous quality control at all stages of production, from incoming raw material quality control, using various measuring tools, laboratory equipment, which runs regular checks at the Center for Standardization and Metrology.
Turning to us, you get a quality product.


Are you interested in the continuous production of parts?
Are you interested in small-scale production?
Our company can offer you mutually beneficial cooperation.

We provide a number of advantages for our regular customers:

  • Development of technical documentation for the production of parts;
  • Construction drawings and models of manufactured parts;
  • Consultation with the engineers and technologists in the design and manufacture of parts;
  • Development and production of industrial equipment for the manufacture of parts;
  • High-speed production;
  • Continuous quality control;
  • Order the production of parts in our company, you get a reliable partner not only in production but also in the subsequent assembly of components into individual components and assemblies.

Team assembly site experts perform assembly parts, install electronic, hydraulic and pneumatic components, conduct a technical test, according to your requirements for device operation.
With mass production of parts and subsequent assembly of the devices, our specialists will make test beds for device operation checks. Creating these stands allows comprehensively to test devices and reveal hidden defects at the manufacturing stage.
Delivery of finished products throughout the territory of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.