In this section we give answers to the most frequently asked questions.

▪ How to get information about cost, estimated time and possibility of part manufacturing?


▪ What format should be the technical drawing emailed?

Technical drawing can be sent converted to: jpg, png, tif, bmp, cdw, spw, dwg, frw, pdf, x_b, stp, igs

▪ I do not have technical drawing. Can i order the required part if i have sketch or sample?

- Yes, sure!
If you don’t have technical drawing we will develop one and produce required parts using Your sketch or sample.
You are able to draw sketch by your own. However production parameters are required.
Sketch can be sent via Fax + 38 057 720 39 42 or emailed at sigmazavod@gmail.com
Important note if you want to order part using sample:
Delivery of the sample to us by shipment companies at the expense of the customer. So before you send us samples of your required products confirm our technical ability to produce them. Contact us, will be happy to help!

▪ Do you perform repair of parts/mechanisms?

Unfortunately we do not repair any!

▪ Are there any buy-ready parts available at warehouse?

- We do not fill warehouse. Production of preordered parts only.

▪ Is there any chance to get a discount for parts production after price anouncement?

Of course you are always welcome to discuss any possible discounts! We apply discounts in different cases. It depends on number of parts were ordered and resources are spent to produce.
BUT! Do not offer us, please, to make products for the price of the material! This, to put it mildly, is not profitable for any organization, and nobody will work "for the sake of the smell of sweat". Everyone will agree that there are no expensive Chinese goods and cheap branded products! You can say that brand name it is just name! We totally agree with you! But it is a proven name, for which there is experience, reliability and quality! Our years of experience in the field of mechanical engineering and metal allows us to say so! Feedback of our clients prove this!
By investing your money in our products once, you save yourself from unnecessary costs in the future for multiple elimination of hidden defects, defects and malfunctions.
Discounts are always available but within reason!br />

▪ We urgently need to make one part (gear, sprocket shaft), as on the photo, you can do it?

No! We do not check such requests. We do not perform one sample manufacturing. We can not help you!