Lathe work

Lathe work

Turning metal carried on a wide range of universal machine tools, as well as on CNC machines.

In the process of turning carried perform such types of work, as the groove, drilling (including deep-hole drilling), boring, cutting, threading (metric, inch, tubular, conical), tapping screws (trapezoidal thread, resistant), processing, fillet, thread worms, diamond burnishing parts turning of details made of the following materials:
  • aluminum,
  • steel,
  • stainless steel,
  • brass, bronze,
  • PCB structural,
  • caprolon,
  • PTFE,
  • polyurethan

Limit dimensions of parts for turning:

  • the maximum diameter of 630 mm
  • the maximum length of 2800 mm

Токарные работы по изготовлению деталей