SIGMA plant today is a young, developing team of professionals, working with a number of enterprises in Ukraine, Russia and Georgia.

The team of 30 professionals carries out its production activities in the area of 1 500 square meters, hosts a vast number of modern machine tools. Average age of our team members is 55 years old. Most of team has past MIC experience and know firsthand what mean quality and responsibility!
Metal working is the main activity of our company for the last 16 years.
The staff of the company has accumulated rich experience in the design and manufacture of metal products using modern equipment, advanced technology tools.
Working with us you will find reliable partner that is interested in long term cooperation!
The list of our customers includes both large enterprises and small companies.

Mostly, we design and manufacture parts and components for foreign equipment (the so-called process of import substitution), that is currently used by businesses:

  • the food industry, confectionery factories, meat-packing plants - smoking-cooking columns, openwork mesh for baking ham, smoke trolley. We provide engineering services in the field of equipment for pastry shops (Frosting, Finish, sedimentary machines);
  • chemical, gas processing, oil and gas industry - thermowells for contactor production of nitric acid from 45 alloy pipe connection with double O-rings alloy AISI321 AISI316Ti, components submersible telemetry systems, stainless steel, aluminum heat sinks, plate-ring for piston compressors 3G-100/200, 2-1.5 / 220 4M40-608 / 22-320;
  • pulp and paper industry - gears, sprockets drive, toothed pulleys, worm gears, spline shafts, spindles, rollers, pinion shafts, brackets, press cylinders, blocks, scoring, balancers, clamps, grapple arms, sector gear couplings;
  • for the production of products for the sanitary industry - sharpening rotary shaping blades of different configurations, shafts rounding, finishing sharpening knives, grinding anvil Knife Anvil;
  • for the production of aerated concrete - holder knife, cutting the string holder;
  • the production of paper bags - spare parts for the lines Windmoller & Hellsher, unit 2390 AD, pipe machine W & H AM 8115, printing machine W & H Astraflex;
  • the production of thermoforming equipment - supply unit, forming unit, cut assembly heating unit;
  • the production of printed products - printed sleeves for flexographic Olimpia 736, shaft-cliché formatted gears, rod clamp for rolls, brake hose assembly for machines DM-52;

In short - it’s all about us! Call us, email us, visit us! We are always ready for new customers and opened for any cooperation!